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Rowlinson Airevale 4X6 Plastic Shed - Honeycomb Polypropylene Panels

Rowlinson Airevale 4X6 Plastic Shed - Honeycomb Polypropylene Panels


This 4'x6' (1200x1800mm) low maintenance plastic storage shed is available with an attractive grey coloured external finish. The overall height is a generous 6'8" (2040mm). A lockable hinged door in the 4' wide wall provides access. Powder coated metal ridge cap and door frames are included as standard. A non opening window and strong galvanized steel foundation rails are also included. This shed also features ventilated gable panels which keeps your store well-aired. The doors and sides feature an attractive and popular moulded wood design in two tone colour finish. The spacious internal area is perfect for securely storing all of your garden tools, equipment or furniture. The low maintenance polypropylene is both UV and low temperature resistant, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The waterproof material is also an easy to clean wipe down surface. Options include a unique choice of base options and a selection of base anchor fixings to ensure that your shed is fixed down securely. All fixings and instructions are included for DIY self assembly.

Prices fixed until Sunday 1st October.

The prices INCLUDE DELIVERY. All fixings and instructions are included.

SizeLight Grey Paint FinishPressure treated timber base kitHeavy duty pressure treated timber base kitPlastic base kit
3'11" x 5'11"


  • Rigid high density polypropylene with honeycomb construction
  • Overall wall panel thickness approximately 12mm
  • Decorative two tone moulded wood profile design
  • Attractive grey colour to external cladding
  • Contrasting colour to window, fascias, door trims and corner trims
  • Hollow box profile corner posts for greater strength and rigidity
  • Spacious internal area
  • Hollow galvanized steel box profile ridge support bars
  • Powder coated metal ridge cap
  • Powder coated metal door frame
  • Single hinged door approximately 2'5" wide x 5'8" high (730x1720mm) in the 4'5" wide wall
  • Door can be locked with a padlock (padlock not included)
  • Ventilation panel in front and rear gable
  • Non opening window glazed with plastic
  • Eaves corner plates to ensure maximum strength and rigidity
  • Strong galvanized steel foundation rail
  • Low threshold doorway with ramp for easy access
  • Corner brackets
  • Base anchors
  • UV resistant
  • Low temperature resistant
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • External cladding size approximately 3'11" wide x 5'11" deep (1200mm x 1800mm)
  • External roof size approximately 4'5" wide x 6'4" deep (1340mm x 1920mm)
  • Overall ridge height approximately 6'8" (2040mm)
  • This shed is easy to deliver if access is restricted - all sections are designed to pass through a normal single door

THIS HYBRID SHED: This modern hybrid shed features twin wall polypropylene cladding combined with strong galvanized steel framework. Numerous specially designed brackets and clips further improve the strength and longevity of the building. The clever design and choice of materials results in a shed which is durable and virtually maintenance free.

TWIN WALL POLYPROPYLENE: Twin wall polypropylene is virtually unbreakable and very practical. The rigid, high density polypropylene features a honeycomb construction with narrow flutes for extra strength. The overall panel thickness is approximately 13mm. Polypropylene is also low temperature resistant and provides good insulation during the winter months. Twin wall polypropylene cladding is stronger than the flimsy single skin cladding panels supplied with some plastic sheds.

CLIP FREE CLADDING DESIGN: The unique cladding design ensures that the polypropylene panels are held in place continuously along every edge including the top and bottom edges. With most plastic sheds the glazing is retained along the vertical edges only and the top and bottom edges receive little or no attention.

STRONGER GABLE WALL CLADDING: The pre-assembled gable cladding panels are attached to the walls using rigid H profile bars at the joints. These box section pieces contain a metal strengthening bar for additional rigidity.

LOUVRED VENTILATORS: The front and rear gables are fitted with louvred vents for improved ventilation. This reduces heat, humidity and condensation, which is better for anything being stored inside the shed.

SIZES - LENGTH AND WIDTH: The sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the width and the second dimension is the length. The width refers to the angled gable walls at the front and rear including the door wall. The length refers to the side walls. The sizes listed are the external wall sizes. These sizes do not include the roof overhang. Many other suppliers quote the overall roof size which is much larger.


  • A wide choice of floor options and base anchor fixings
  • No floor
  • Pressure treated timber base with floor decking. Overall base size 4'11" x 6'7" (1500mm x 2000mm)
  • Plastic base kits. Overall base size 5'1" x 6'4" (1540mm x 1925mm)
  • Base fixings
  • Concrete hammer fixings
  • Solar powered lights
  • Padlocks

NO FLOOR: This shed can be built without a floor if it is placed directly onto concrete, paving slabs or decking. This is normally the cheapest option if a suitable area of existing hardstanding is available. If so, the standard foundation rails should be fixed into your base. If the base is timber, screws can be used to fix the foundation rails into the base. If the base is concrete or paving we offer concrete hammer fixings and galvanized steel corner brackets as a low cost option.

GALVANIZED STEEL BASE KITS: Our galvanized steel base kits make building a separate floor easier. The steel beams can be used to make laying a mortar floor screed easier or to support a timber floor with either tongued and grooved boards or man made boards such as plywood. The steel base kit can be laid directly onto existing concrete, paving or decking. The steel frame is easy to assemble and the correct size to suit the shed. The layout of the steel beams divides the floor into small sections which makes laying the mortar screed easier if you are inexperienced. Each section is filled with mortar and levelled with a piece of wood stretched across the surrounding steel beams. The foundation rails include an internal lip buried under the mortar screed, which ensures that the shed is anchored down by the screed. Everything you need is included except the mortar, which is not expensive and widely available from DIY stores. The easiest way to make a screed is using pre-mixed mortar. You just add water and stir before use. Alternatively, it may be cheaper to buy the sand and cement separately and mix the mortar with 1 part cement to 4 parts sand. Based on the internal area of your shed you will need around 40-50kg of mortar per square metre.

PRESSURE TREATED TIMBER BASE WITH FLOOR DECKING: The durable prefabricated panels feature timber decking with a reeded surface finish. A small gap between each decking board ensures that rainwater can drain away easily and allows for the expansion and contraction of the timber in varying weather conditions. All timber is pressure treated, a lifetime preservative treatment. Unlike slabs or concrete these floor tiles are lightweight, easy to install and fully relocatable. The base tiles can be laid directly onto concrete, paving or decking or on compacted hardcore provided the surface is flat, hard and level. The finished base is a few inches larger than the shed which ensures that no part of the shed is in direct contact with the ground. It is also an effective floor so valuable items such as lawnmowers and steel tools can be stored off the ground. If you want a smooth internal floor finish inside you can lay lino, hardboard or rubber matting over the pavers. Each paver is 500mm x 500mm with 15mm thick timber decking boards, approximately 12mm gaps and 45x15mm joists (finished sizes after machining). Our optional fixing kits include suitable screws to fix the foundation rails into the pavers. If the pavers are placed on a solid base such as concrete, paving or bricks we recommend using hammer fixings.

PLASTIC BASE & FLOOR KITS: Our unique polypropylene eco-paving base kits are easy to install within a few minutes. The interlocking eco-pavers simply click together with no fixings needed. The finished floor is capable of supporting considerable weight because the tiles are designed to spread the weight. Eco-pavers can be laid directly onto concrete, paving or decking. Each tile is self draining and and fully relocatable. Our eco-paving is less brittle than concrete paving slabs, with a strong supporting structure. The surface looks and feels similar to pressed concrete slabs, with a slightly textured finish. The finished floor is a few inches larger than the shed which ensures that no part of the plastic shed is in direct contact with the ground. In addition, valuable items such as lawnmowers and steel tools are stored off the ground and not in direct contact with the ground. Our plastic base kits will prolong the life of your shed and the contents. An eco-paving base and floor kit is recommended for any plastic shed supplied without a floor. Your shed should be fixed into the base using suitable fixings.

BASE FIXING KITS: Our optional base fixing kits include sufficient screws to fix the foundation rails of our plastic buildings to a plastic or timber base. The screws supplied are longer, wider and stronger than the screws supplied with the building. The design of the screws also ensures a tighter fit and a more secure fixing.

CONCRETE HAMMER FIXINGS: We recommend hammer fixings for any plastic shed which is sited on a solid base of concrete, paving or bricks to ensure that it is securely fixed down. The pack includes sufficient hammer fixings to fix the foundation rails into the base. The fixings are drive in hammer screws with a nylon sleeve. A masonry drill bit is also included. Drive in hammer fixings are simple to use. First the hole is drilled in the masonry and then the fixing is hammered home. If required the screw head allows easy removal with a screwdriver.

SOLAR POWERED LIGHTS: These ingenious and affordable solar powered lights are easy to install with no mains wiring and they cost nothing to run. During the day the externally mounted solar panel converts daylight into electricity and recharges the batteries. The solar panel is weatherproof and suitable for outside use. It is normally positioned high on the walls of your garden shed or on the roof. Our solar internal lights solve the problem of seeing inside your garden shed at night. Our solar security lights illuminate the approach to your garden shed at night and may also deter burglars. After dusk the passive infra red movement detector switches itself on when it detects movement. The more expensive solar lights are brighter and stay on for longer.


  • Delivery is normally between 5 and 8 days after order.
  • Our garden shed prices include all delivery charges - unlike others we do not add delivery charges during the checkout process
  • Kerbside delivery with advance notice by phone a day or two before
  • This garden shed is easy to deliver if access is restricted - all sections are designed to pass through a normal single door.


  • All garden shed prices include VAT.

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Features and Accessories

SHEDS xx - Fixings for plastic bases
Fixings for plastic bases
SHEDS xx - Fixings for timber bases
Fixings for timber bases
SHEDS xx - Hammer fixings
Hammer fixings
SHEDS xx - Hammer fixings with drill bit
Hammer fixings with drill bit
SHEDS xx - Solar powered inside lights - no running costs
Solar powered inside lights - no running costs
SHEDS xx - Solar powered outside lights with motion sensors - no running costs
Solar powered outside lights with motion sensors - no running costs
SHEDS xx - Pressure treated timber bases
Pressure treated timber bases
SHEDS xx - Padlocks
SHEDS xx - Recycled plastic bases
Recycled plastic bases
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Heavy duty storage tubs
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Floor mats - non slip EVA foam
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