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Floor Insulation

Floor insulation, 75mm thick with extra floor joists

Floor Insulation

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The standard 25mm thick insulation boards are suspended between the floor joists and above the ground, in the normal way. Sufficient fixings are supplied to ensure that the insulation is suspended at the optimum height. Detailed instructions are supplied.

After the standard 25mm thick underfloor insulation kit has been fitted, an extra 50mm thick layer of insulation is added above the floor joists. The kit includes sufficient additional timber floor joists to support the floor boards. The top face of the insulation is just below the floorboards. Detailed instructions are supplied.

The floor insulation used is 25mm and 50mm thick polystyrene which is certified by the British Board of Agrement. The solidity of the floor is unaffected by this design. The internal appearance is also unchanged with attractive and durable tongued and grooved boards. The only difference is the finished floor level, which is 50mm or 2" higher than normal.

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