Wooden Slatted Composter 452 - Pressure Treated, Interlocking Logs

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Wooden Slatted Composter 452 - Pressure Treated, Interlocking Logs
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This wooden slatted composter is 1000x1000mm (3'3"x3'3") overall size and features pressure treated timber throughout. The overall height is 645mm (2'1"). The solid construction features interlocking logs for strength. The completed composter is stronger and more rigid than plastic or metal composters and the natural beauty of wood ensures a more attractive appearance. The internal size is 845x845mm (2'9"x2'9"). The slats are each 75x18mm with gaps between the slats of approximately 35mm to provide ventilation. The kit includes 22 full height slats and 4 half height slats. There are 6 full height slats on 2 sides. On the other 2 sides there are 5 full height slats and 2 half height slats. Instructions are supplied. Pressure treatment is a lifetime preservative treatment.

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