Rowlinson Narrow Log Store - Shelf Included, Pressure Treated

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Rowlinson Narrow Log Store - Shelf Included, Pressure Treated
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The pictures show the standard log store.


The overall size of this log store including the roof overhang is 1'10" deep and 2'0" wide (0.56m x 0.62m). The overall height is 5'1" (1.56m). The open fronted design allows efficient stacking of firewood logs. A shelf is included offering a tidy and organised way to store logs. This freestanding logstore features timber slats on three sides including the rear. Quality features include pressure treated timber throughout as standard. Pressure treatment is a lifetime preservative treatment. Instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly.

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  • All timber pressure treated (lifetime preservative treatment)
  • Scandinavian redwood or whitewood
  • Freestanding design with slatted walls on three sides
  • Pressure treated timber slatted walls to aid circulation of air
  • Shelf included
  • No windows
  • Depth including roof overhang 1'10" (560mm)
  • Width including roof overhang 2'0" (620mm)
  • Height at the front 5'1" (1560mm)
  • These log stores are easy to deliver if access is restricted - all sections are designed to pass through a normal single door.

PRESSURE TREATED TIMBER: Pressure treatment is a lifetime preservative treatment. The preservative is forced deep into the timber under pressure in a vacuum and penetrates below the surface. All other treatments apply a coat of stain to the surface of the timber only. With pressure impregnated timber, the chemicals are permanently bonded to the cell structure of the wood at a molecular level. Tanalith E is a widely used water based version so pressure treated wood is often described as tanalised. Pressure treated wood is almost colourless except for a slight green tint caused by the copper content in the preservative. No further preservative treatment is ever needed. However, if you want a coloured finish you can paint over pressure treated or tanalised wood with normal wood preservative in any colour.

SCANDINAVIAN REDWOOD OR WHITEWOOD: The most widely used timber in the UK for years, Scandinavian Redwood and Whitewood grow in the well managed forests of Scandinavia and the coldest parts of Northern Europe. The cold climate ensures slow growth. The growth rings are much closer together than faster growing trees from warmer climates. As a result the timber is heavy and durable with a close grain pattern. The wood is seasoned and kiln dried to achieve the correct moisture content before it is machined. Redwood and Whitewood are so similar in appearance and performance that it is difficult to tell the difference. Both are classified as slightly durable and treatment is required for outside use. The forests of Scandinavia and Northern Europe have been responsibly managed on a sustainable basis for centuries so Scandinavian Redwood or Whitewood is an enviromentally friendly choice.

SIZES - DEPTH AND WIDTH: The sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the depth and the second dimension is the width. The depth refers to the sloping wall. The sizes listed alongside the prices are the external roof sizes. The external wall sizes may be smaller.

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