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Pressure treated timber base

Timber base with floor decking

Pressure treated timber base

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This substantial timber floor features decking boards with a reeded surface finish. Prefabricated panels form a strong floor which is easy to install. A small gap between each deck board ensures that rainwater can drain away easily and allows for the expansion and contraction of the timber in varying weather conditions. All timber is pressure treated which ensures a longer lifespan. Unlike slabs or concrete these floor tiles are lightweight, easy to install and fully relocatable. First the ground is levelled and then the pavers are laid directly on the soil. The pavers can also be laid on concrete, paving or decking. The finished floor is a few inches larger than the shed which ensures that no part of the shed is in direct contact with the ground. In addition, valuable items such as lawnmowers and steel tools are stored off the ground and not in direct contact with the ground. Our timber decking floors will prolong the life of your shed and the contents. Each tile is 500mm x 500mm, with 15mm thick timber decking boards, 12mm gaps and 45x15mm joists (finished sizes after machining). Concrete hammer fixings are not suitable for use with the timber floor.

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